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Engage with care that is compassionate progressive authentic inclusive

What we do

we take a person-centered, neurodiversity affirming, trauma informed, and collaborATive approach to mental health care.

We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive place where diverse people can feel safe enough to create change in their lives and move towards a more authentic life. We believe it is important for clients to feel truly seen, heard, and valued, just as they are, as it is from this place of deep understanding and acceptance that changes can start to happen.

We see diversity (including gender, sexuality, neurotype, culture, relationship structure) as something to be embraced and celebrated. 

We are committed to being a neurodiversity-affirming practice, continuously seeking feedback from both the neurodivergent community and current research to ensure our approaches align with best practice, celebrating the unique strengths and perspectives of neurodivergent individuals with the most informed and supportive care possible.

At Evo Psychology, your mental wellness journey is supported by authentic therapists dedicated to guiding and supporting you towards flourishing.


Individual and couples therapy – available from our practice in Isaacs ACT or telehealth (online).

DBT Skills Groups

Learn DBT Skills in a condensed 12-week group format from our practice in Isaacs ACT.

Online Learning

Explore our blog and online course for late diagnosed neurodivergent people.

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