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Welcome to Evo Psychology, where our mission is to create a progressive and safe space for diverse individuals seeking affirming psychological support. Founded in the heart of the pandemic in 2020 by Keira-Marie Allen, Evo Psychology emerged from a recognized need for inclusive, evidence-based, and trauma-informed care in Canberra, especially for the LGBTQIA+ community, sex workers, neurodivergent individuals, and those who have experienced trauma.

Our Values

At Evo Psychology, our practice is driven by a set of core values that reflect our commitment to delivering exceptional mental health care:

Progressiveness: Embracing innovative approaches to therapy and mental wellness.
Safety and Inclusivity: Creating an environment where all individuals feel seen, heard, and valued.
Authenticity and Compassion: Our therapists are genuine in their interactions and empathetic to the needs of our clients.
Evidence-Based Care: Utilizing proven therapeutic techniques to ensure the best outcomes.
Curiosity: Maintaining an open mind to continuously learn and adapt to our clients’ evolving needs.

Our Services


Individual & Couples Therapy

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DBT Skills Groups

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Online Course for Late Diagnosed Neurodivergent Adults

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Keira-Marie Allen

Owner, Principal Psychologist & DBT Trainer

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Karren Webber (she/her)

Psychologist & DBT Trainer

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Rob Marchbank (he/him)

Counsellor & DBT Trainer

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Addie Jones (they/she)

Reception & Administrative Assistant

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