What makes engaging with Evo Psychology different?

Our experience and client feedback has highlighted key areas that makes our treatment more accessible to a diverse range of people, including:

  • The reduction uncertainty where possible,
  • Personalisation communication in therapy and admin tasks,
  • Customisable features of the physical clinic environment, and
  • Individualised treatment plans with professionals who have an interest, training, and experience in working with diverse clients.

Get to know us a little bit better.

Evo Psychology’s philosophy and values

We pride ourselves on being flexible to adapt to our client’s needs and reflective in our professional practice.

We value openness, authenticity, being evidence-based in our clinical work, and strive to build a progressive practice.

We celebrate the diversity of the clients we work with, our practitioners, and society at large.

What are the first steps to engaging with Evo Psychology?

If you feel Evo Psychology is a good fit for you, please email us to either schedule an initial session with your preferred practitioner, ask about joining a cancellation list (if applicable), or to ask any specific questions.

Once an initial time has been arranged with your practitioner, you will receive a text message and couple of emails from us. These will include:

A form for you to provide us with some basic contact details.
A consent form.
Further information about our office location or telehealth appointment details, as well as confirmation of your appointment time and date.
An assessment to determine your current mood and symptoms prior to treatment beginning.

All of the above can be viewed and completed online. Please be in contact if you have any questions or issues at all. We are happy for you to review and complete these in hard copy, if this is preferable.

Two days before your appointment, you will receive a text message reminder with the details of your scheduled session.

We want you to feel safe and supported, so please let us know of any specific supports we may be able to assist with in order for this to happen.

What will happen in my first session?

Please bring any relevant documents along with you to your appointment, or email them to us in advance.

It can be useful to arrive a little early to your session to allow you plenty of time to find parking, locate our office, and relax in the waiting room before the session starts.

Once your practitioner is ready, they will come out and greet you and welcome you into their therapy room.

Client supports we offer:

In order to make our clinic affirming, we have a range of supports and options to cater to sensory and other support needs of our clients.

Some options to be aware of:

Fidget toys / sensory tools in each therapy room.
Multiple seating options in each therapy room – including a lounge/s, single seats, and floor options.
Communication adjustments – let our admin team and/or your practitioner know if you’d like any adjustments, for example: more frequent reminder emails/texts, clarification around processes.
Our practitioners do not expect clients to follow usual/neurotypical expectations around eye contact and/or ‘small talk’ before, during, and/or after sessions.
Increase in visual/written information.
Sound in the waiting room can be changed – volume up/down, white noise, rain sounds etc.

Our office space

Our clinic is furnished and decorated in a way to build a calm, comfortable, and safe place for you to engage with the support you need.