Clients may be eligible for Medicare rebates for up to 10 individual psychology sessions per calendar year under the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative. To access these rebates, clients require a valid referral from their GP, psychiatrist, or pediatrician, and their psychologist must be registered as a Medicare provider. The rebate amount varies depending on the type of service provided and the psychologist’s fee.

We require you to settle the fee for your session, and then will happily process any Medicare rebates that you’re eligible for on your behalf.

Appointments with Provisional Psychologists and Counsellors are ineligible for Medicare rebates.

Please note: we do not offer bulk-billed appointments or offer discounts for health care card holders.

'Out of pocket' costs after receiving a Medicare rebate:

Cancellation / Non-attendance Policy

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Cancellation fees apply because your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you and cannot easily be filled on short notice. These fees are incurred only if we are unable to allocate the slot to another client.

As a courtesy, we send SMS reminders for your appointments, potentially up to three days prior to your scheduled visit. Please note, this service is provided as a courtesy and may not be sent in the event of staff availability or technical issues. Therefore, keeping track of your appointment dates and times is ultimately your responsibility, and not receiving an SMS reminder does not exempt you from cancellation charges.

Evo Psychology may need to reschedule appointments due to staff illness or other unexpected events, without offering compensation. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility in these situations.