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Are you a late diagnosed Autistic adult?

Are you ready to become a more empowered and authentic version of you?

Unlocking Authentic You is a transformative course that will support and guide you to become more empowered, informed, and authentic now that you know your neurotype (how your brain is wired).

It will equip you with practical strategies to cope with emotional and sensory overwhelm, lead to greater self-understanding and compassion, improve confidence in self support and advocacy, as well as paving a pathway forwards to Autistic flourishing.

Move through a distilled, step-by-step blueprint full of actionable, essential skills and information.

If you can learn masking… you can unlearn it!

wait just a minute… is this course right for you?

Are you late diagnosed Autistic adult?

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed (clinically or self) or been aware of your neurotype for years, here’s what we know:

Understanding your neurotype is LIFE-CHANGING!

Imagine this – instead of spending precious time and energy changing your facial expressions, tone, and body language to appear more relaxed, interested, and acceptable to others… you spend this instead on the things that make your life feel full and meaningful.

You’re perfect for this course if you are…

Starting to realise just how much you’ve been masking.

…And perhaps starting to wonder who you really are underneath.

Needing to manage current overwhelm and prevent future burnout/s.

Implement a range of evidence-based strategies for coping and flourishing.

Wanting to know yourself more fully.

With greater understanding about yourself and your neurotype (the way your brain is wired), it empowers you to support and advocate for yourself.

Understand your masking
Clarify who you are beneath the mask
Have a range of evidence-based, practical strategies
Know clearly how to support and advocate for yourself
Master tools for emotion regulation
Be well on your way towards Autistic flourishing

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Meet your teacher

What qualifications and experience do I have?

Registered Psychologist
Over 8 years working with neurodivergent people in therapeutic/clinical settings
Qualified Paramedic (feels like a lifetime ago!)
Decades of masking before receiving confirmation of my neurodivergence later in life (I’ve been through the struggle!)
Professional training and a LOT of personal reading and research about neurodivergence (especially late diagnosed autistic people, and with a particular interest in “internalised”/”high masking” presentations of Autism)
Lots of experience in teaching and facilitating group programs and workshops (there’s nothing like it when you’re passionate about the subject!)
Yoga teacher
Art Therapist
Down-to-Earth, real human being with lots of tips, insights and strategies!

What’s inside the course?

Embracing Your Neurodivergent Identity

Module 1 Highlights:

Unlearning Masking and Chronic Shame

Module 2 Highlights:

Building Connection with Self and Others

Module 3 Highlights:

Advocating for Yourself

Module 4 Highlights:

Self-Regulation & Emotional Well-being

Module 5 Highlights:

Crafting Your Authentic Life

Module 6 Highlights: