Are you a late diagnosed neurodivergent adult?

Join us for a 6-week course specifically designed for late diagnosed/realised neurodivergent adults.

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Is this course right for you?

Have you realised that you're Autistic, an ADHDer or an AuDHDer as an adult?

Whether you've recently been diagnosed (clinically or self) or been aware of your neurotype for years, here's what we know:

Understanding your neurotype is LIFE-CHANGING!

Imagine this - instead of spending precious time and energy changing your facial expressions, tone, and body language to appear more relaxed, interested, and acceptable to others... you spend this instead on the things that make your life feel full and meaningful. You're perfect for this course if you are...


Starting to realise just how much you’ve been masking.

…And perhaps starting to wonder who you really are underneath.

Needing to manage current overwhelm and prevent future burnout/s.

Implement a range of evidence-based strategies for coping and flourishing.

Wanting to know yourself more fully.

With greater understanding about yourself and your neurotype (the way your brain is wired), it empowers you to support and advocate for yourself.

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Meet Keira

Hi there!

I'm a late-diagnosed neurodivergent Psychologist, based in Canberra, Australia. I have a passion for supporting all sorts of diverse people, who often haven't felt accepted or fully understood by other services or professionals.

I've worked extensively with many neurodivergent people, most of whom have realised they are Autistic and/or an ADHDer later in their lives.

I have developed this course to assist "late diagnosed" or late realised neurodivergent people in understanding more about their neurotype (their brain's structure and function). By learning about your neurotype, you're then able to best support yourself, advocate for yourself, develop more authentic relationships, as well as move towards more self compassion. I’ve got a unique blend of personal & professional knowledge, experience, and training to be best placed to assist on your journey.

Getting to know yourself can feel like hard work, but I know you can do hard things! (and the result is SOOO worth it!)

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What will I learn in the Neurodivergent Flourishing Club?

Module #1

Neurodivergent Senses

Learn about your sensory world and how to manage sensory overwhelm.

Neurodivergent Emotions

Get a range of practical strategies and skills to understand and work with strong emotional responses.

Neurodivergent Relationships

Diver deeper into navigating relationships where one or more people are neurodivergent (Autistic, ADHDers, AuDHDers).

Neurodivergent Bodies

Explore commonly occurring physical conditions and differences for people with neurodivergent brains. Spend time learning about these differences as well as ways to cope and flourish with them.